Almost everybody visiting an online store has something already made up in his mind that he seeks to search and buy. Although most of e-commerce applications do provide certain search functionality, the urge should be to make it as easy and as obvious for the user as possible.

So, what is Insta-Search.

Insta-Search is a versatile and appealing search bar that can be affixed anywhere on your store template thus making it easily accessible and caught by user while visiting your store.

It filters the available catalog items as user types along keywords to search for. Further one can choose a particular category to reduce his search to that category only.

Product Snippets for basic product info

Product info is fetched on-the-fly on mouse hover and shown through a tooltip. This basic information for individual products includes description, icon image, ratings, prices etc. The user then can click on product link to go to product details page to buy product or to view more info about the product.

  • No changes to your current ASPDNSF code, so in future you can easily upgrade to a newer version.
  • No Source Code required
  • No Database changes required.